Security Policy for Windows Server

One of the first swathe to examination is the payment programme of your PC or server. If you take a mortal exterior at PCs or servers that have been operational for a longish time, you may brainwave IDs that are not requisite. These IDs may have efficacious access to your files specially if they are in the top dog contingent.

Another county to watch is the secret set of guidelines set in the Windows Operating System i.e. arcanum is required, no expiration, bottom word dimension. Weak or IDs without passwords are an overt letter for persona non grata to hacker into your computing machine systems.

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Step 1 How to obtain under duress IDs and Security Policies From the Windows Server.

a) I use a shipshape available piece of equipment called Somarsoft ACL.

b) Install the device and Run DumpSec system of rules.

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c) Extract the permissions of user, group, file system, registry, positive identification argumentation and other than numbers you find neat.

Step 2 Cross scrutinize the IDs beside the Administrator

a) Once you have extracted these information, interconnect keep an eye on near the head if all the IDs and arcanum canon extracted from the awl are valid and necessary.

b) Delete or alter the unnecessary IDs and compel the stronger positive identification canon.

c) Further insure that sole IDs that are completely needful are moving and oblige a powerfully built watchword set of guidelines using Windows Active Directory. e.g. compound alphanumeric password, 180 days positive identification expiry. As for PC kind firm the decision maker countersign is varied and only agreed by yourself/office top dog.

d) Everyone else should use basic IDs.

e) Activate parole for the blind individual to fastener the PC surface when nearby is no activity for say 10 written account.

f) Educate all users on the rush of computing machine financial guarantee.

g) One of the reminders I in general underline is do not quota passwords and do not stick on the watchword in facade of the information processing system vdu for all to scenery. ( I have determined "this jutting positive identification on the monitor" quite a few incident in my rounds of IT Auditing for corporates !).

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