1. Select the Ellipse Tool (L).

2. Double-click the utensil tip on your fabric to open out the oval Options talk box.

3. Enter elementary to bear in mind numbers for Width and Height. E.g., 200 for Width and 50 for Height.

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4. Select Selection Tool (V). Bring it concluded the oval you have just drawn and grip the Alt key. Your contraption tip should exposition Double Arrows. This channel you are fit to imitate your ellipse.

5. Click and lug your conic section to wrench away a photocopy make a replica.

6. Select the Rectangle Tool (M).

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7. Double-click the device tip on your sheeting to stretch out the parallelogram Options duologue box.

8. Enter the identical Width that you have previously owned for the Ellipse. E.g., 200 for our section.

9. Enter any Height you deprivation.

10. Position the two ellipses gruffly on the top and foundation edges of the rectangle. Don't dwell on if they do not smudge up absolutely to agree a 3-D cylinder.

11. Open your Align palette (Shift F7).

12. Left chink your Selection Tool (black arrowhead) and resistance all over all 3 objects to choice them.

13. Click the Horizontal Align Center fastening to line up the centers of both ellipses and the parallelogram clearly complete the halfway strip.

14. Click and prize the upper oval. Press the fur or up pointer as requisite until its sides chain up utterly near the top periphery of the rectangle.

15. Click and prime the bottom conic. Press the downward or up arrow as necessary until its sides smudge up clearly next to the inferior perimeter of the parallelogram.

16. NOTE: The oval will be absolutely allied beside the parallelogram when the light-colored boxes on some sides of the ellipse's radius lines up beside the corners of the rectangle. Or, you can as well superior View > Snap to Point facet from the crucial bill of fare. That way, when you bring out a loop/ellipse complete a rectangle with the identical length and width, they will touching on easy.

17. Click and superior the top conic section.

18. Right sound and from the pop-up card prime Arrange > Bring to face. The top of your container is through with.

19. Select the Direct Selection Tool (A).

20. Click on the nethermost point of the rectangle and pinch Delete. The pedestal of your cylinder is as well done.

21. Select the pedestal ellipse and the rectangle and choice Object > Group from the bill of fare to troop them into a only pictographic physical object.

22. Now color it any way you impoverishment.

23. Then quality the top conic section and color it separately. It will representation parallelogram and fell its top circumference.

24. Now superior everything on your setting (Control A) and choice Object > Group from the carte to alliance everything as a solitary in writing be reluctant.

Your cylinder is primed. You can now develop and use this variable quantity sketch at any rate you deprivation minus losing anything from its resolution.


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